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How Deodorant Works (And Why You Need Underarm Cleansers)

Posted by Melinda on 2/18/2014 to Clarsskin
Deodorant—everybody wears it, hopefully. It’s such a common item that most people don’t really put any thought into using it; they roll it on and go out the door. But why does deodorant prevent you from sweating? How does it remove the smell and what, in fact, does it do? While deodorant is effective at removing odor, it can also hurt your skin. However, a good skin cleanser can remedy that.

Two Tips for Getting Your Underarms Clean and Looking Great

Posted by Melinda on 2/18/2014 to Clarsskin
Have you experienced the frustration of relentlessly scrubbing your underarms only to find you still have a nasty white residue lingering? Even if you think your underarms are clean, you may find a white film that develops on your razor. This white substance is caused from your deodorant or antiperspirant and is difficult to remove. Fortunately, here are two tips for getting your underarms clean and looking great:

Improved Underarm Hygiene

Posted by Tati on 2/12/2014 to Clarsskin
Each part of your body is a little bit different, and therefore requires slightly different types of care. Good hygiene requires that you give each body part the care and attention it requires. When it comes to the underarm area, there are a lot of common hygiene mistakes that are made in the course of a day. These mistakes leave you feeling less fresh and less secure in your overall appearance.

A Good Skin Care Regimen Should Include All Parts of Your Body

Posted by Anahid on 2/11/2014 to Clarsskin
Skin care is important for every part of your body, especially neglected areas people rarely consider during their daily regimens. Your underarms can become damaged due to things including harsh deodorants and general lack of adequate skin care. By using an appropriate underarm cleanser, you can both repair damaged skin as well as prevent further damage from occurring.

Newly Reported Research Suggests Link between Antiperspirants, Deodorants, and Abnormal Breast Cells

Posted by Clarsskin on 2/3/2014 to Clarsskin
A lot of doctors and cancer experts say they find no measurable adverse effect or causal link between aluminum (the active ingredient in most antiperspirants), parabens (a common bonding agent in deodorants and many other products) and abnormal breast tissue. However, new research out of Great Britain cites recent studies which show potential significant links.

Proper personal hygiene can help you prevent dark underarms

Posted by Anahid on 2/1/2014 to Clarsskin
Dark underarms are not just very embarrassing but also very common. A lot of women struggle with self-esteem and avoid wearing sleeveless clothing that may show their underarms simply because they don't know how to prevent underarms from darkening.

Steps to Clear an Underarm Rash

Posted by Anahid on 1/28/2014 to Clarsskin
If your armpits are itchy, red, burning or otherwise bothering you, then you probably have an underarm infection. Here are steps you can take to clear up your rash and identify what the cause of your discomfort is.

Healthy Solutions for Smelling Good

Posted by Anahid on 1/25/2014 to Clarsskin
Sweat happens. Whether people are working hard or playing hard, perspiration is hard to avoid. The body heats up, and sweat naturally comes out of pores in an attempt to regulate the body’s temperature. That sounds great, but in the end, sweat can create a less-than-pleasant smell. Your friends and coworkers may plug their noses around you if you aren’t wearing a good deodorant or antiperspirant. Unfortunately, traditional deodorants can be unsatisfactory for a number of reasons.

Causes of Armpit Rashes

Posted by Anahid on 1/23/2014 to Clarsskin
There are few things that are more annoying than an armpit infection. It itches, burns, and causes embarrassment if you feel the urge to scratch it in public. And if you have an ingrown hair that swells beneath the skin rather than on the surface, as they sometimes do, it can cause panic if you mistake it for a cancerous tumor. There are many causes of armpit infections, and although most of them are not serious, there are a few rare causes that you should be aware of.

Easy Way of Cleansing Underarms and Boosting Self-Confidence

Posted by Anahid on 1/21/2014 to Clarsskin
Everyone wants to feel fresh and look good, and these are the reasons why beauty products are popular in the market. From facial to skin beauty products, all these have captured the attention of many men and women who want to look good and confident along the way. These products work and can bring you the beauty transformation that you seek but keep in mind that danger lurks if you are not too careful when using some of these products.

5 whitening tips for dark underarms

Posted by on 1/21/2014 to Clarsskin
A significant number of women complain of dark underarms. Most commonly, dark underarms are caused by a combination of shaving, deodorant use and sweating. However, there are a number of ways in which dark underarms can be prevented as well as effectively whitened. Given below are 5 tips that will help you whiten your underarms successfully:

3 tips for beautiful underarms

Posted by Carlos on 1/20/2014 to Clarsskin
The skin under our arms is quite sensitive and can get easily irritated and discolored because of frequent use of razor. Even without shaving, underarms are prone to several skin issues because the skin there is home to bacteria. Given below are three tips to follow for smooth, soft, healthy and beautiful underarms:

Symptoms of an Underarm Infection

Posted by Anahid on 1/18/2014 to Clarsskin
Armpit rashes are quite common and can take on many different appearances, but basically an armpit rash is inflammation or redness of the skin which is located in the armpit. It is important to recognize the symptoms of an underarm infection so you can fix the problem, gaining relief and preventing worse infections down the road. If left unattended, the irritation will continue and perhaps get even worse.

Combining Personal Care Products for Efficiency

Posted by Tati on 1/18/2014 to Clarsskin
If you have a schedule when every minute counts, finding a product that can serve multiple functions is like receiving the gift of time. It can also save you money, whether it’s a personal item or a tool for business tasks. Consider personal hygiene. Staying clean is something everybody needs to do, and if you can use one product in multiple ways, it could save you time and money. Most adults use the following items:

5 Things You May Not Know About Underarm Rashes

Posted by Anahid on 1/17/2014 to Clarsskin
Your armpits are a moist, dark place that bacteria and other microbes love to grow in. Many people wear deodorant because some of this bacteria can become smelly as they grow. But sometimes your armpits and what you use on them just don’t work together properly- and the result is an underarm rash.

5 Things You May Not Know About Underarm Rashes

Posted by Anahid on 1/16/2014 to Clarsskin
Your armpits are a moist, dark place that bacteria and other microbes love to grow in. Many people wear deodorant because some of this bacteria can become smelly as they grow. But sometimes your armpits and what you use on them just don’t work together properly- and the result is an underarm rash.

Shaving underarms- Consider the pros and cons

Posted by Anahid on 1/14/2014 to Clarsskin
Every woman longs for hairless, flawless underarms. Although there are a number of hair removal options available today, a significant number of women prefer to shave. However, shaving also has several disadvantages that you must think about. Consider the pros and cons listed below before deciding if shaving is the ideal hair removal technique for you:

4 Questionable Ingredients in Deodorant

Posted by dupree on 1/10/2014 to Clarsskin
Personal hygiene is a very important aspect of daily life for most people, and many use products day in and day out that they may not know much about. The manufacturers of such products often use chemicals in order to get the results that they have promised their consumers, but these same chemicals can often be harmful to users. When it comes to deodorant, some of the active ingredients have professionals wondering whether or not they are safe for everyday use.

Finding the Soaps that Work

Posted by Anahid on 12/31/2013 to Clarsskin
When it comes to shopping for soap, things can get very overwhelming. There are countless options, and it is important that you know exactly what you want to get out of your soap.

What Women Consider to be Hygiene Nightmares

Posted by Anahid on 12/28/2013 to Clarsskin
Hygiene can be a stressful thing to keep up with! There are certain issues that many women find are harder to handle than others.

What is Feeling Clean?

Posted by Anahid on 12/27/2013 to Clarsskin
When it comes to feeling clean, there are many things that are involved. The list can go on and on and you would end up with hundreds of definitions for cleanliness.

Let’s Get Clear

Posted by Anahid on 12/23/2013 to Clarsskin
How can you tell when the area under your arms is really fresh? Do they squeak when you walk? Do the people you walk by perk up and thank you? Do your coworkers ask you how you manage to get so clean under your arms? Well, you really can’t be sure that you’re clean by these methods, and as underarm odor is the last thing you want to deal with, it’s time to try a revolutionary product that will clean away the dirt, the oil and also clean away the grimy residue left behind by all those other cleaning products, antiperspirants and deodorants you’ve been using...gunked up products that would only be visible through a magnifying glass or microscope, but they’re there, and what they do is hang around, picking up more oils and dirt daily.

What Others Really Smell

Posted by Anahid on 12/20/2013 to Clarsskin
How do you know when you are really clean? How can you tell if the only odor emanating from you is a delicate, freshly washed fragrance? The truth is, we never actually smell ourselves the way others do. And if you’re counting on another person to let you know when you have underarm odor, don’t hold your breath. That is one of the unwritten rules...that good people don’t tell other people when they smell unclean. It may be time to reevaluate your current underarm cleaning regimen to see if you are doing what is necessary to ensure that your underarms are really clean, because if you don’t, nobody is going to tell you about it.

One of the Most Unique Skin Products and Why

Posted by Anahid on 10/29/2013 to Clarsskin
There are many skin products available to consumers in the market today. Every skin product is different, but every one has almost the same objective, to make your skin look and feel better than it already does. Visit our Web store.

Why Underarms Are So Sensitive

Posted by Anahid Arsharuni on 10/23/2013 to Clarsskin
The area of your underarms is home to many different nerves and lymph nodes. The skin also does not really get sunlight. When all of these factors come together, it produces sensitivity. This skin is also a bit thinner than the skin on other parts of your body, making it more sensitive.
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