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Underarm Cleanser (Fragranced)

Underarm Cleanser (Fragranced)

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Clarsskin Underarm Cleanser is a specialized underarm cleanser designed to gently and efficiently remove all traces of antiperspirant deodorant residue. The first product to define the true meaning of clean. About one dime size application is all that is needed to effectively cleanse and remove leftover residue.

Deodorants and antiperspirants are mostly scented, due to the fact that they only cover up or mask odors caused from perspiration, dirts and oils. In fact, just about every product for bathing and personal hygiene is scented in one form or another; with some so heavily scented it seems like they are all competing against each other. Clarsskin understands that you prefer the scents you wear to perform lightly and blend in with thepure fragrance of clean. What does clean smell like? When that question was put to a panel of dedicated judges, the responses varied in terms of metaphors and similes used to describe the actual fragrance that presents as clean While the responses varied, they all had one commonality, and that was that CLEAN equals FRESH, and that it’s always a welcome fragrance. And truly, we always welcome and are drawn toward the smell of clean. It’s probably our rudimentary brains telling us that clean is a good thing, preferable to unclean.

After tons of research and hours upon hours of investigation, the makers of Clarsskin developed the most fragrantly scented blend by gently combining the finest of ingredients. These ingredients subtly fuse to sustain that feeling of “just cleaned,” or fresh; and many of our customers report that since beginning a Clarsskin regimen, they no longer need to use deodorants and antiperspirants. “Clean” does not need to be hidden or masked, “clean” is the scent we discovered when we developed Clarsskin’s soft and perceptively subdued fragrance.

“My, what is that deodorant you’re wearing?” is not a question you expect to hear people ask...in fact, if someone DOES ask, then the deodorant you’re wearing is likely too strong. It may be formulated to mask or cover up body odor with a thick, heavy odor of its own. Clarsskin comes lightly fragranced in a sleek white bottle with the blue gradient on the side. And while it’s a cleanser, not a deodorant, many users say after regular cleansing with Clarsskin, they’ve found they no longer need deodorant to stay fresh and clean smelling, all day long.

Clarsskin scented is light and airy... like a fresh crisp mountain morning, like clean is meant to be, without all the heavily flowery, artificial clean smelling chemical additives. Just clean...pure clean and nothing more.

The product is: paraben-free, sulfate-free, DEA-free, petroleum-free, free from animal derived ingredients, free from animal testing

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