The skin under our arms is quite sensitive and can get easily irritated and discolored because of frequent use of razor. Even without shaving, underarms are prone to several skin issues because the skin there is home to bacteria. Given below are three tips to follow for smooth, soft, healthy and beautiful underarms:
Choose the right hair removal method
Shaving can be quite rough on the underarm skin. If you do stick with shaving, ensure that you use products that are free of irritants and allergens. Shave less frequently to give your skin some time to retain natural moisture. Hair removal creams may remove hair painlessly but they also have a lot of chemicals that may irritate your skin. Waxing is perhaps the best option available even though it is painful because it removes hair from the root.
Over time, dead skin cells tend to build up in the underarm area and this can be a breeding ground for infections caused by bacteria. Just like your face, your underarms also need to be regularly exfoliated. It will soften and smooth the skin and unclog the pores. Use a natural loofah or a washcloth and a natural cleanser to exfoliate. Disposable cleaning wipes are also great for cleaning out all residues from your armpits. Do not exfoliate any more than one or twice a week to avoid skin damage and irritation.
Use deodorants wisely
Avoid using antiperspirants and deodorants excessively because they have several chemical ingredients that may darken your underarm skin. Use deodorants that are less harsh on your skin. Another option is to use moisturizing deodorants. The skin in the underarm area tends to get irritated and dry because of shaving. Deodorants containing moisturizers can hydrate the skin and make it softer and smoother. Some of these deodorants include olive oil, a natural moisturizer which is quite good for the skin.