4 Questionable Ingredients in Deodorant

Personal hygiene is a very important aspect of daily life for most people, and many use products day in and day out that they may not know much about. The manufacturers of such products often use chemicals in order to get the results that they have promised their consumers, but these same chemicals can often be harmful to users. When it comes to deodorant, some of the active ingredients have professionals wondering whether or not they are safe for everyday use.


The main ingredient in most antiperspirants is aluminum, which is a metal that helps to keep sweat from escaping from the pores in the under arm area. The main reason that this ingredient is questionable is because of its known link to breast cancer in women as well as the increased risk of Alzheimer’s.


These synthetic preservatives have created quite an uproar in the media lately, and for good reason. Some research has shown them to disrupt the normal and healthy balance of hormones within the body. Both men and women can be negatively affected by parabens, and can be especially damaging to children who can experience early puberty as a result.


This chemical is commonly used in deodorants to give the products a good, smooth consistency. An increased amount of phthalates can result in a higher rate of birth defects and has been known to cause cell mutations within the body.

Propylene Glycol

With the possibility of damaging the central nervous system, propylene glycol is a very common ingredient in deodorants that has become increasingly questioned by health conscious individuals. This chemical is used by cosmetic manufacturers to make their products have a slick consistency so that they are easier to apply.

In order to avoid your exposure to these chemicals and ingredients, you may want to consider trying out an alternative to deodorant. There are plenty of more natural options that will still give you the results that you expect, but without the potential harm that can come from dangerous ingredients.