Skin care is important for every part of your body, especially neglected areas people rarely consider during their daily regimens. Your underarms can become damaged due to things including harsh deodorants and general lack of adequate skin care. By using an appropriate underarm cleanser, you can both repair damaged skin as well as prevent further damage from occurring.


Deodorants and Your Skin


Many people don't realize that deodorants can damage skin greatly over time. While deodorants are a necessary part of daily hygiene, they often contribute to skin conditions, which can often be unattractive as well as uncomfortable.


In general, deodorants include certain ingredients that can be abrasive to many types of skin. Effects of harsh deodorants can include rashes, peeling, as well as cracking and bleeding caused by ultra-dry skin. Many deodorants can also clog pores, leading to breakouts and other forms of skin irritation.


Deodorants vs. Antiperspirants


There is a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants, though some brands incorporate elements of both.  Deodorants improve hygiene by reducing personal odor. Many deodorants use alcohol, which can dry out skin and lead to problems down the line.


While deodorants simply mask unpleasant odors, antiperspirants actually stop you from sweating. Many antiperspirants include aluminum as a means of reducing sweat, which can build up and clog pores over time. As a result, skin irritation may occur, along with allergies and other conditions.


The First Step to Healing


The damaged caused by build up of things such as dirt, oil, and even deodorants themselves, can be rectified by a cleanser that soothes skin while it cleanses. Regular soaps are often unable to perform these vital skin care functions. Many times, generic soap will contribute to waxy build up, which can create even more problems.


A good cleanser will heal and soften skin without contributing to further issues. While one can hardly forgo use of deodorant, you can mitigate damage by using an effective underarm cleanser. The right cleanser should both clean the skin as well as moisturize, freeing your underarm area from common skin problems.