Deodorant Dangers

Deodorant has come under fire in recent years because many of the chemicals used have been shown to potentially cause harm. More studies are being done, but it is important to understand what the main chemicals are and what they can potentially cause. After learning about these chemicals, take a look at your deodorant and see if it contains any of these. If it does and you do not want to expose yourself, consider a more natural or a homemade deodorant, both of which are free of chemicals, perfumes and dyes.
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Top 5 Complaints About Deodorants

Many women don't like to talk about certain things. The little hairs on their upper lip, the real color of their hair and especially if they sweat like a 400 pound man. There are dozens of different types of deodorants and antiperspirants on the market that swear to solve all of your sweat and odor woes. These products usually cost over $10 and last a few weeks at best. So what is a girl to do when they can't afford to let everyone see them sweat OR smell? These are the top 5 complaints about deodorants that are solvable but annoying!
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Clarsskin Goes Web 2.0

Here at Clarsskin, we know a little something about being fresh and clean. So a fresh, clean website gives us a crisp outlook on the exciting times that lay ahead!

Clarsskin is an innovative new solution that will soon become part of everyone's normal routine. This cleansing wash will eliminate all the gunk and grim left behind by average deodorants and antiperspirants while reducing razor irritation and bumps. It even works as a shaving cream and you can say goodbye to those ugly yellow clothing stains! As you can tell, we are extremely excited to share our product with you so...
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