If you have a schedule when every minute counts, finding a product that can serve multiple functions is like receiving the gift of time. It can also save you money, whether it’s a personal item or a tool for business tasks.  Consider personal hygiene.  Staying clean is something everybody needs to do, and if you can use one product in multiple ways, it could save you time and money.  Most adults use the following items:
·         Deodorant
·         Body wash
·         Shaving cream
·         Shampoo

If you could combine a couple of those items, you could do yourself a huge favor, and it’s more realistic than it might seem at first.  Deodorant is a bit different, but it’s really about keeping a person smelling good, which goes right along with the other items.  If your body is clean, it will smell good.
Saving Time, Money, and Space in the Bathroom
Getting more efficient is one crucial ways to find success with a busy schedule.  That even means saving time in mundane areas of life like the bathroom.  Being able to use one product for multiple purposes means less mess and less awkward reaching for the other product in the drawer or on the shelf.  It also means saving space for storage of personal care products when that is limited.  That’s especially nice if you have roommates.    If you need fewer bathroom products because your cleanser doubles as deodorant, you get the cumulative effects of multiple benefits.   Consider the following:
·         There is more space on the shelf
·         Important items are easier to find
·         Shopping is simpler

Additional Reasons to Consider Eliminating Items from the Toiletry Bag
The ingredients in some traditional bathroom products may not be that effective or healthy.  For example, soap can dry the skin on your face if you don’t have a moisturizer.  Deodorant is another more interesting case.   It can include ingredients like DEA, which is a skin irritant, or paraben, which can affect hormone stability.  Along with sulfates, they combine to clog pores so you smell better but ultimately aren’t that clean.  That’s why some people are considering a new approach to hygiene by using a single cleansing product that cleans and moisturizes and makes you smell good.