Sweat happens.   Whether people are working hard or playing hard, perspiration is hard to avoid.   The body heats up, and sweat naturally comes out of pores in an attempt to regulate the body’s temperature.  That sounds great, but in the end, sweat can create a less-than-pleasant smell.  Your friends and coworkers may plug their noses around you if you aren’t wearing a good deodorant or antiperspirant.   Unfortunately, traditional deodorants can be unsatisfactory for a number of reasons. 
·         They can irritate skin
·         Their residue leaves you feeling unclean
·         The residue stains clothing
Such consequences are not conducive to inspiring comfort or confidence for important social or business interactions.  One solution may be a cleanser that doesn’t dry or irritate the skin or clog the pores.  
Reasons to Reconsider Standard Deodorants and Antiperspirants
A standard deodorant creates a coating over the armpit skin where people tend to sweat.  This creates a temporary pleasant aroma.  It also clogs pores.  That means sweat cannot come out until the clog is removed.   Thus, the area isn’t truly clean, and unattractive gunk can sometimes build up.  It’s a quick fix that creates a long term problem, especially for individuals who heat up quickly and sweat profusely.   Deodorants typically leave metallic salts on your skin, which can cause problems.  The use of parabens, DEA, and sulfates can irritate certain skin types and make it harder to achieve truly clean skin.  When the body overcomes the chemical overlay on pores, sweat and other substances comes out of the pores in large quantities, making a mess.  
Avoiding the Mess and Stress
As with any form of hygiene, smelling good starts with keeping the skin clean.  By eliminating unnecessary chemicals and additives in standard store-bought deodorants, a man or woman can more easily be truly clean and smelling fresh.  This translates to more confidence in face to face interactions with the boss or with a client who is ready to sign on a contract.  Perhaps you want that confidence to make a memorable experience when you take a special person out on a date.  Keep clean, keep refreshed, and keep confident!