Deodorant—everybody wears it, hopefully. It’s such a common item that most people don’t really put any thought into using it; they roll it on and go out the door. But why does deodorant prevent you from sweating? How does it remove the smell and what, in fact, does it do? While deodorant is effective at removing odor, it can also hurt your skin. However, a good skin cleanser can remedy that.
Odor Origins
First of all, you need to know what causes body odor. You might think that it’s sweat, but that’s only part of the problem. Sweat, by itself, is completely odorless—it consists of nothing more than water and natural salts. The problem comes when bacteria begins to feed on those salts; as a byproduct they produce chemicals that begin to smell bad.
Deodorant is designed to eliminate these problems in a variety of ways. Some deodorants focus on eliminating the root of the problem—sweat. These products, called antiperspirants, use aluminum salts that, when mixed with your sweat, form a gel on your skin. This layer of gel sinks into your pores and prevents sweat from emerging. Without anything to consume, the bacteria never have anything to feed on; they die off and you remain odorless.
Antiperspirant Issues
Antiperspirants, however, lead to another problem—that of clogged pores. These can cause rashes on underarms and general discomfort. In addition, when these pores come unclogged it can lead to yellow or white staining on the armpits of your clothing. These can be very difficult to remove since antiperspirants are designed to not come off easily.
So how do you keep yourself smelling great without having to worry about hurting your skin? The answer is actually simple—find a deodorant that you like, and make sure that you well and truly clean your skin after using it. There are personal hygiene products available that clear out your pores and remove stubborn residue, keeping you fresh and odor-free. Good cleansers are a must for your underarms.
Make underarm cleansers a part of your daily hygiene habits and you will be sure to always remain fresh, clean and confident.