We all know that deodorant is essential in our daily lives- there is no denying it. What you may not know is that deodorants actually leave behind residue that gets into our pores (and stays there..even when we shower). You may have witnessed this first-hand when you scrub and scrub and still feel as though your underarms just aren't clean. This residue is even the culprit in discoloring the underarms of your favorite clothing. Clarsskin works to counteract these unwelcome effects and all this without sulfates, parabens, or DEA. Clarsskin is able to effectively remove the stubborn residue, leaving you....actually clean. Clarsskin underarm cleanser has revolutionized an age-old problem of what to do to effectively ensure clean, sweet smelling underarms for all skin types. Sulfate free, Clarsskin contains no parabens (known to affect your hormonal balance when absorbed through the body,) or DEA. It contains a superior moisturizer to prevent the skin from feeling dry or itchy, and because our moisturizer is of such high quality, Clarsskin can also be used as a luxurious shaving cream, for both your underarms and your legs! Used daily, Clarsskin will rid your underarms of the everyday deodorant and gunky buildup from sweat, oils and bacteria which get trapped there, and leave you feeling an exhilarating kind of underarm fresh like never before! Every form of deodorant that’s on the market does what it’s designed to do: clog your pores to thereby prevent sweat. Over time, some of these pores will become unclogged. Then you sweat out what was previously clogging your pores and this can be one of the main reasons for those nasty yellow stains on your clothes, under your arms. Deodorant leaves white marks on dark clothing, which usually results in your having to find something else to wear as these marks do not just brush or rinse off easily. Let Clarsskin remove all the unwanted deodorant, sweat and oil, leaving you clean, sweet smelling, fresh and confident! Watch this short video and learn all about Clarsskin and our company. Learn how Clarsskin can change how you feel under your arms. Clarsskin, Something New Under the Arm!

How to Remove Deodorant Residue

Now that you know what that "stuff" is between your razor blades after you shave under your arms, you need to do something about it! By now you know how little your soap and deodorant have done to get you really clean. In fact, that deodorant you’ve been using has actually been clogging your underarm pores so that you won’t sweat! And you also know those nasty yellow stains that appear on your clothes, just under your arm? That’s from when some of the pores randomly come unplugged, and...I won’t get graphic here.

So easy to use, you simply wet your underarm, either at the sink or in the shower. Next you apply a drop of Clarsskin the size of a dime...that’s RIGHT...a DIME (Your Clarskin’s gonna last a while, saving big, too!) under your arm, then rinse.

That’s it...
  1. Wet
  2. Apply
  3. Rinse
Because Clarsskin is sulfate-free and contains no parabens or DEA, it’s both effective and gentle for all skin types. It’ll dissolve and remove those heavy metallic salts left from your deodorant, and with built-in skin conditioners, it’ll leave your skin soft and supple. You’ll be tempted to shave with it, and you can! Both your underarms and your legs!