Each part of your body is a little bit different, and therefore requires slightly different types of care. Good hygiene requires that you give each body part the care and attention it requires. When it comes to the underarm area, there are a lot of common hygiene mistakes that are made in the course of a day. These mistakes leave you feeling less fresh and less secure in your overall appearance.


You might feel self-conscious of underarm odor or sweat. You might have difficulty achieving a close shave. These are just some of the most common underarm concerns, all of which can be addressed through improved underarm hygiene practices.


Is Your Soap Working Against You?


Soap is probably your number one hygiene item. It gets used for hand washing, showering, and much more. General purpose soap can actually have some negative effects:


·         Dries skin out, requiring application of body lotions

·         Harsh cleansers trigger excess oil production and breakouts

·         Residue left behind irritates sensitive skin


Many women feel like their underarms are not completely clean after washing in the shower with general soap. The residue that rinses clean from your hands might make sensitive underarm skin feel heavy and dirty.


Correcting These Problems


The best way to correct the problems caused by the misapplication of soap is to invest in personal hygiene products that are designed for use on different body parts. Some skin care retailers sell specialty products that are intended to clean underarms without leaving behind the kind of residue that soap often does. Some products even come in scented and unscented options so that you can choose exactly what kind of cleansing experience you wish to have.


Switching hygiene products can make you feel cleaner, more confident, and less self-conscious about underarm cleanliness. If you want to feel refreshed and ready to face the day, use a specialized underarm cleanser that rinses clean away.