How can you tell when the area under your arms is really fresh?  Do they squeak when you walk?  Do the people you walk by perk up and thank you? Do your coworkers ask you how you manage to get so clean under your arms?  Well, you really can’t be sure that you’re clean by these methods, and as underarm odor is the last thing you want to deal with, it’s time to try a revolutionary product that will clean away the dirt, the oil and also clean away the grimy residue left behind by all those other cleaning products, antiperspirants and deodorants you’ve been using...gunked up products that would only be visible through a magnifying glass or microscope, but they’re there, and what they do is hang around, picking up more oils and dirt daily.

The area under your arms remains closed off from any reasonable amount of air supply and remains dark, most of the time.  Due to conditions producing perspiration and sweat, that area can remain damp for extended lengths of time.  All this makes the perfect condition for the growth of bacteria that you don’t want to deal with.  But when you start out your day anything less than totally clean, how can you expect to stay clean?  You need a way to get those underarms clean like never before, and you may get so clean that you ultimately toss out your deodorant.  Either way, if you continue to use deodorant, you definitely won’t need as much, and your deodorant will work for you longer, without breakthroughs, because you will have started out with a 100% clean slate, or clean underarms.

When your underarms feel unclean, your body language shows it.  You’re resistant to raise your arms, you hold tensely when performing any activity that requires you to move carry or lift things.  You don’t feel feel totally restricted.  You don’t have to put up with this embarrassing condition anymore, there’s a way you can get clean, and stay clean.  And feel free.