If your armpits are itchy, red, burning or otherwise bothering you, then you probably have an underarm infection. Here are steps you can take to clear up your rash and identify what the cause of your discomfort is. 

1.      Completely clean your skin of all hygiene products. Try using Clarrskin to wash away deep residue that soap alone can’t get. Make sure you are well hydrated, you’re not overheated, your clothing is not tight, and the fabric breathes well. This step alone may be enough to clear up any irritation if you have a heat rash. 

2.      Stop using hygiene products and soap if possible for a few days. You may want to try this over the weekend when you won’t be out in public. If you must use some hygiene products, only use hypoallergenic, fragrance free products. See if this clears the underarm rash. 

3.      If that doesn’t work, switch to a fragrance-free laundry detergent as well. Detergents can cause a reaction on your skin. 

4.      Try altering your shaving routine. Use a better razor, try using a shaving cream to lessen irritation, experiment with non-razor options such as hair removal cream, or don’t shave at all. Try shaving at night and not applying deodorant until the morning. 

You may need to try a combination of the above suggestions to find the culprit; for example, it may be the combination of an irritating shave and an allergy to your detergent. If you still cannot stop the irritation, you may want to talk to your doctor and see if there is a more serious underlying cause for your underarm irritation. If your rash is purple or if you experience any other alarming symptoms such as loss of consciousness, rashes over other parts of your body, shortness of breath, etc. then you may have a life-threatening allergic reaction and should immediately seek medical care.