Many women don't like to talk about certain things. The little hairs on their upper lip, the real color of their hair and especially if they sweat like a 400 pound man. There are dozens of different types of deodorants and antiperspirants on the market that swear to solve all of your sweat and odor woes. These products usually cost over $10 and last a few weeks at best. So what is a girl to do when they can't afford to let everyone see them sweat OR smell? These are the top 5 complaints about deodorants that are solvable but annoying!

1) Controlling sweat - Very rarely will you find a deodorant that actually works like it says it does. A major complaint about antiperspirants is that they work for a short while and then just stop. Controlling sweat is an embarrassing yet real problem for a large percentage of women and not one that any of them are willing to discuss.

2) Smell - Not only do many deodorants overpower women's perfume but after a "heavy-sweater" wears it for a while, it turns on them! Another major complaint, smell, is a "start to finish" problem - beginning with a nostril piercing musk and ending with an old, locker room finish.

3) Price - It seems that once you finally find a deodorant that works, it's almost unaffordable. Unless you can get it through your insurance, many of the clinical formulas are way overpriced, leaving the user applying less than they should and smelling and sweating faster than they should.

4) Residue - You know that razor residue I'm talking about and the white pit marks that are virtually impossible to remove. What woman hasn't had this happen....a thousand times?!?

5) Stains - Last, but not least, those yellow pit stains that simply do not come out of clothes, are one of the top complaints of all women. Rounding out this list as one of the most frustrating problems from deodorants.

While there are solutions, many women give up and accept their deodorant with all of it's side effects. Don't give up the search! There is hope - it's just a matter of finding your pit's best friend and a little patience.