Hygiene can be a stressful thing to keep up with! There are certain issues that many women find are harder to handle than others. What types of things do you consider to be hygiene nightmares? There are many different answers, but many women will invest a lot of extra time trying to make these nightmares disappear. How often do you raise your arms and see that there are stains on your clothes? This problem happens much more often than most women would like. The issue is one that can seem impossible to get over. Not only is it unattractive to the public, but it could also cost you money because you may toss out the shirts that have stains on them. Since many women have issues with their armpits, wearing sleeveless shirts can be very stressful. A common irritation amongst women is being able to see the residue and clumping of your deodorant. It may feel like you can never make your armpits look clear, without the white residue. Oil is a huge problem that women all over the world run from! Why is oil such a scary thought? When your skin is oily, it is not hard for other people to notice. It creates a shine that you do not want, and it is also breeding grounds for blemishes and bumps all over your body, and nobody wants that! It can be very difficult to stay on top of the common hygienic hassles. It is also important to find the products that cater to these problems, because more than likely you are not the only one suffering, and someone has come up with a solution!